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Strategic Plan Template for Do-Gooders (non-profits) - Sample Version

This template helps you see the purpose of planning and guides you through how to write it so that the process is more than just an exercise. This is not a strategic plan that you'll want to hide away on a shelf when you're done! It will help you get focused, help you do your job of managing your non-profit, and help you develop your Board into strategic leaders of Good.

Perfect for you if you are an Executive Director writing your first strategic plan, or if you are a facilitator leading your non-profit through planning for the first time. It's also useful for the more experienced planners who want a simple, straightforward way of introducing strategic planning into an organization.

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NOTE: This version is not editable. For an editable version with more guidance, tools, and checklists to really make the planning process purposeful and easy, just click here.

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